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Golden ratio cloud weather icons

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Weather Icon Set   GR-01

golden weather icons'Golden Ratio' weather icons
42 weather conditions

2 alternative 42 icon sets
Individual PNGs (x4 sizes), plus original vector artwork

Immediate download
Price : €15

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Divinely proportioned weather icons

Royalty free for personal and commercial use

2 complete sets:
Solid backgrounds, AND TRANSPARENT backgrounds

Both are PNG format, with every single icon pre-made at 4 different sizes (64x64, 128x128, 256x256 and extra large 512x512pixels) so you can get to work with them straight away.
Also included is the original artwork in VECTOR format (Adobe Illustrator version 9, and CS5)

golden ratio divine proportion weather symbols

Golden Ratio vectors

These icons have been built as vectors according to the principles of the golden ratio. All my calculations used way more decimal places than was strictly necessary. Guide layers are included, and named with reference to Φ and 1, so you can easily build your own 'Golden' designs using the Illustrator file as a template.

golden ratio illustrator template

This pack includes the original layered artwork so you can see exactly how each element has been contructed. The original artwork for this set is included in vector format (.ai, CS5), so you can export an icon up to any size and still keep perfect quality. We've also included a 'legacy' format (Illustrator version 9).

golden section grid

Product details

Formats : One full set of 42 icons - PNGs (with solid backgrounds). One additional set of 42 icons - PNGs (transparent backgrounds). This pack also includes the original artwork as a layered Adobe Illustrator file (version 9, and CS5 format)

Dimensions : (PNGs) 64x64 pixels, 128x128 pixels, 256x256 pixels and 512x512 pixels

Weather icons : 1. sunny, 2. sunny intervals, 3. white cloud, 4. black low cloud, 5. hazy sun, 6. mist, 7. fog, 8. clear sky (night), 9. light rain showers, 10. heavy rain showers, 11. light snow showers, 12. heavy snow showers, 13. sleet showers, 14. light hail showers, 15. heavy hail showers, 16. thundery showers, 17. cloudy with light rain, 18. cloudy with heavy rain, 19. cloudy with light snow, 20. cloudy with heavy snow, 21. cloudy with sleet, 22. cloudy with light hail, 23. cloudy with heavy hail, 24. thunderstorms, 25. light rain showers (night), 26. heavy rain showers (night), 27. light snow showers (night), 28. heavy snow showers (night), 29. sleet showers (night), 30. light hail showers (night), 31. heavy hail showers (night), 32. thundery showers (night), 33. cloudy with light rain (night), 34. cloudy with heavy rain (night), 35. cloudy with light snow (night), 36. cloudy with heavy snow (night), 37. cloudy with sleet (night), 38. cloudy with light hail (night), 39. cloudy with heavy hail (night), 40. thunderstorms (night), 41. partly cloudy (night), 42. cloudy (night)

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