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MS Weather Icon Bundle   MS-01W, MS-01B, MS-02 + font

royalty free weather icons - 3 packs plus font3 complete icon image packs
(PNG and vector format)

PLUS font pack (desktop + webfonts)

Immediate download
Price : €40

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3 complete icon image sets + font pack in one bundle

This is a special offer pack collecting all 3 'Monochrome Set' icon image packs (MS-01W, MS-01B and MS-02).

You also get the complete MS-01 Weather Font including TrueType and OpenType versions and the complete WebFont kit for embedding the icons using fonts on your own website.

weather icon vectorvector weather symbolscolor vector weather iconsweather icon fonts


The icon image packs give you 4 complete sets of each of the 92 weather conditions pre-scaled to various useful sizes ranging from small (64x64 pixels) to extra large (512x512 pixels). You also get the entire set in vector format (SVG) which can be scaled to any size and is easily imported into programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

single color weather icons

Set MS-01B  

1 color weather icons

Set MS-01W  

color weather icons

Set MS-02  

Weather Font

MS-01 Font Pack 

The image packs also include a special bonus version of each set especially for World Weather Online API users with every icon for day and night correctly assigned and filenamed according to the original WWO condition code number eg. 284.png (=heavy freezing drizzle). This should allow very easy implementation without remapping or renaming - although you still may wish to download the new mapping table provided on the right for future reference.

This special bundle also includes a brand new font version which gives you the entire set of icons mapped to your keyboard, allowing you to use the symbols in text documents and print at any size and in any colour you like. You could also apply text effects like drop shadows if you wish.

You also get the full WebFont kit which allows you to embed the font version of the icons in your web-page using CSS @font-face.

With an amazing 92 weather conditions these sets are among the most comprehensive weather symbol collections available, and compatible with a huge range of weather data suppliers, and perfect for building your own web-based, smartphone / iPhone applications.

MS Weather Icon BUNDLE

3 complete icon image packs (PNG and vector format)
PLUS the MS-01 font pack (TrueType, OpenType and WebFont kit)

Immediate download
Price : €40

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Product details

Image Packs

Formats : PNG (3 x 4 sets), SVG (3 x 1 set)

Background : solid (Set TV-01), transparent (sets TV-02 and TV-03)

Dimensions : For each of the 3 symbol styles you get 4 complete PNG sets (92 images in each set): 64x64 pixels, 128x128 pixels, 256x256 pixels and 512x512 pixels. The vector set (SVG format) has a nominal size of 512x512 pixels and can be scaled up or down to any size.

Weather icons : 1. sunny, 2. sunny intervals, 3. white cloud, 4. black low cloud, 5. hazy sun, 6. mist, 7. fog, 8. clear sky (night), 9. light rain showers, 10. heavy rain showers, 11. light snow showers, 12. heavy snow showers, 13. sleet showers, 14. light hail showers, 15. heavy hail showers, 16. thundery showers, 17. cloudy with light rain, 18. cloudy with heavy rain, 19. cloudy with light snow, 20. cloudy with heavy snow, 21. cloudy with sleet, 22. cloudy with light hail, 23. cloudy with heavy hail, 24. thunderstorms, 25. light rain showers (night), 26. heavy rain showers (night), 27. light snow showers (night), 28. heavy snow showers (night), 29. sleet showers (night), 30. light hail showers (night), 31. heavy hail showers (night), 32. thundery showers (night), 33. cloudy with light rain (night), 34. cloudy with heavy rain (night), 35. cloudy with light snow (night), 36. cloudy with heavy snow (night), 37. cloudy with sleet (night), 38. cloudy with light hail (night), 39. cloudy with heavy hail (night), 40. thunderstorms (night), 41. partly cloudy (night), 42. cloudy (night), 43. mostly cloudy, 44. mostly cloudy (night), 45. hot, 46. cold, 47. freezing fog, 48. drizzle, 49. freezing drizzle, 50. freezing rain, 51. extreme rain, 52. extreme snow, 53. blowing snow, 54. blizzard, 55. smoke, 56. dust / sand, 57. thundery snow showers, 58. thunderstorms with snow, 59. thunderstorms with hail, 60. windy, 61. hot (night), 62. cold (night), 63. mist (night), 64. fog (night), 65. freezing fog (night), 66. drizzle (night), 67. freezing drizzle (night), 68. freezing rain (night), 69. extreme rain (night), 70. extreme snow (night), 71. blowing snow (night), 72. blizzard (night), 73. smoke (night), 74. dust / sand (night), 75. thundery snow showers (night), 76. thunderstorms with snow (night), 77. thunderstorms with hail (night), 78. windy (night), 79. tornado, 80. tropical storm / hurricane, 81. heavy drizzle, 82. heavy drizzle (night), 83. heavy freezing drizzle, 84. heavy freezing drizzle (night), 85. extreme rain showers, 86. extreme rain showers (night), 87. heavy sleet showers, 88. heavy sleet showers (night), 89. heavy sleet, 90. heavy sleet (night), 91. volcanic ash, 999. null/unknown

BONUS SETS - WWO codes (Day, Night): 113. Clear/Sunny, 116. Partly Cloudy, 119. Cloudy, 122. Overcast, 143. Mist, 176. Patchy rain nearby, 179. Patchy snow nearby, 182. Patchy sleet nearby, 185. Patchy freezing drizzle nearby, 200. Thundery outbreaks in nearby, 227. Blowing snow, 230. Blizzard, 248. Fog, 260. Freezing fog, 263. Patchy light drizzle, 266. Light drizzle, 281. Freezing drizzle, 284. Heavy freezing drizzle, 293. Patchy light rain, 296. Light rain, 299. Moderate rain at times, 302. Moderate rain, 305. Heavy rain at times, 308. Heavy rain, 311. Light freezing rain, 314. Moderate or Heavy freezing rain, 317. Light sleet, 320. Moderate or heavy sleet, 323. Patchy light snow, 326. Light snow, 329. Patchy moderate snow, 332. Moderate snow, 335. Patchy heavy snow, 338. Heavy snow, 350. Ice pellets, 353. Light rain shower, 356. Moderate or heavy rain shower, 359. Torrential rain shower, 362. Light sleet showers, 365. Moderate or heavy sleet showers, 368. Light snow showers, 371. Moderate or heavy snow showers, 374. Light showers of ice pellets, 377. Moderate or heavy showers of ice pellets, 386. Patchy light rain in area with thunder, 389. Moderate or heavy rain in area with thunder, 392. Patchy light snow in area with thunder, 395. Moderate or heavy snow in area with thunder

Font version

Formats : TrueType, OpenType

Keyboard mapping : Every icon is mapped to Unicode values, in order, from 1. sunny (= !) all the way to 91. volcanic ash (= {) so you can easily get the Unicode value by adding 32 to the original weather icon code above. The font also comes with a glyph guide listing the weather condition, Unicode value, and corresponding keyboard key. Weather Font

Weather icon glyph guide

&#33; ! sunny &#34; " sunny intervals &#35; # white cloud &#36; $ black low cloud &#37; % hazy sun &#38; & mist &#39; ' fog &#40; ( clear sky (night) &#41; ) light rain showers &#42; * heavy rain showers &#43; + light snow showers &#44; , heavy snow showers &#45; - sleet showers &#46; . light hail showers &#47; / heavy hail showers &#48; 0 thundery showers &#49; 1 cloudy with light rain &#50; 2 cloudy with heavy rain &#51; 3 cloudy with light snow &#52; 4 cloudy with heavy snow &#53; 5 cloudy with sleet &#54; 6 cloudy with light hail &#55; 7 cloudy with heavy hail &#56; 8 thunderstorms &#57; 9 light rain showers (night) &#58; : heavy rain showers (night) &#59; ; light snow showers (night) &#60; < heavy snow showers (night) &#61; = sleet showers (night) &#62; > light hail showers (night) &#63; ? heavy hail showers (night) &#64; @ thundery showers (night) &#65; A cloudy with light rain (night) &#66; B cloudy with heavy rain (night) &#67; C cloudy with light snow (night) &#68; D cloudy with heavy snow (night) &#69; E cloudy with sleet (night) &#70; F cloudy with light hail (night) &#71; G cloudy with heavy hail (night) &#72; H thunderstorms (night) &#73; I partly cloudy (night) &#74; J cloudy (night) &#75; K mostly cloudy &#76; L mostly cloudy (night) &#77; M hot &#78; N cold &#79; O freezing fog &#80; P drizzle &#81; Q freezing drizzle &#82; R freezing rain &#83; S extreme rain &#84; T extreme snow &#85; U blowing snow &#86; V blizzard &#87; W smoke &#88; X dust / sand &#89; Y thundery snow showers &#90; Z thunderstorms with snow &#91; [ thunderstorms with hail &#92; \ windy &#93; ] hot (night) &#94; ^ cold (night) &#95; _ mist (night) &#96; ` fog (night) &#97; a freezing fog (night) &#98; b drizzle (night) &#99; c freezing drizzle (night) &#100; d freezing rain (night) &#101; e extreme rain (night) &#102; f extreme snow (night) &#103; g blowing snow (night) &#104; h blizzard (night) &#105; i smoke (night) &#106; j dust / sand (night) &#107; k thundery snow showers (night) &#108; l thunderstorms with snow (night) &#109; m thunderstorms with hail (night) &#110; n windy (night) &#111; o tornado &#112; p tropical storm / hurricane &#113; q heavy drizzle &#114; r heavy drizzle (night) &#115; s heavy freezing drizzle &#116; t heavy freezing drizzle (night) &#117; u extreme rain showers &#118; v extreme rain showers (night) &#119; w heavy sleet showers &#120; x heavy_sleet showers (night) &#121; y heavy sleet &#122; z heavy sleet (night) &#123; { volcanic_ash &#124; | unknown / unavailable

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