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The weather symbol store has moved here.

Below are some examples of the weather symbol sets you'll find there.

All sets are royalty free for personal and commercial use.

Free mapping tables for many data suppliers (World Weather Online, Weather Underground, Open Weather Map, Forecast.io, UK Met Office). Alternative file formats, sizes and data maps available on request.

icon set WW-01

Weather Symbol Set WW-01 - World Weather icon set

icon set TV-02

Weather Symbol Set TV-02 - Classic TV style icon set

TV weather symbols

Weather Symbol Set TV-03 - another variant of the classic BBC-type symbol set

trendy weather symbols

Weather Symbol Set MS-01W - a single colour modern icon set with 92 weather conditions (white)

realistic weather symbols

Weather Symbol Set RE-02 - realistic weather icons

Find more royalty free weather icon sets at the Mike Afford Media Store

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