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Friday, August 5th, 2016

TriCaster Virtual Set for ESPN

I’m pleased to see one of my recent virtual studio sets is starting to make an appearance over at ESPN UK.

It’s a multi-angle virtual set designed for their TriCaster with a wide angle, close-ups for presenter and guests, plus a standing position with big screen.

Virtual Sports Set for ESPN UK

The studio is completely customisable. The monitor at the front of the desk can be fed with any image (for example a logo, as shown in the larger image above). The desk can be removed completely to allow the set to be used with real furniture (that’s how they’ve been using the set for their F1 discussion videos – see the two smaller images above).

There are 3 big screens at the back of the set that can be fed independently with custom images that get correctly reflected on the side pillars and the reflective surfaces of the desktop and podium.

The neon strips, lightboxes and desk lighting can all be adjusted separately to give the studio a range of different colour schemes.

Virtual Sports Set for ESPN UK

Here’s an example of how the set might look with a blue lighting scheme. One of the requirements for the project was that the studio could be branded in either red, blue or green, but in reality they can adjust all of the colours to whatever they like!

More of my virtual studio sets are available to purchase and download over at virtualstudiosets.com

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Tricaster custom studio set for Intel

I was very pleased to be sent a few grabs earlier this week from INTEL showing a new virtual studio set I designed for them a little while back. Great to see it in action and working so nicely.

The studio set runs on a TriCaster, and has a large ‘virtual’ studio space with a number of monitors that are set up to take either a live input, or a static source. I made a load of different camera angles for them including seated positions for discussions like those shown here, and also a number of standing positions with a desk for demo-ing products.

Virtual Studio Set for Intel UK

image © Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd

Apart from adding some depth of field on the close-ups, there’s a couple of other interesting little touches I’ve incorporated into this set.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Free virtual studios update

I have recently updated all of the virtual studio sets over on my virtual studio sets website. It’s a BIG update, as every single-angle and multi-angle pack now includes a complete set of layers and mattes for every camera position, all in lossless PNG format which means that they can now be used with pretty much any kind of graphics or editing package out there.

Virtual Studio Set free update

Virtual Studio Set free update

The TriCaster-ready Photoshop file is still included as standard, and now includes an extra talent Input layer, which fixes a TriCaster issue relating to overlapping keyable layers. I’ve also included a new (optional) opaque desktop which can be used to adjust (or remove completely) the reflectivity of the desk surface.

As always, the updates to existing customers are completely free to download.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

TriCaster Virtual Studio set and titles

Here’s another custom TriCaster Virtual Studio running on a TriCaster 8000 for Mustard TV in the UK.

This one is the set for The Mustard Show – a daily magazine programme.

TriCaster virtual studio

The Mustard Show

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

TriCaster Virtual Set for Mustard TV

A custom built TriCaster Virtual Studio Set running on a TriCaster 8000.

Custom TriCaster studio set for Mustard TV

Custom TriCaster studio set for Mustard TV

I have recently completed a set of Virtual Studios for Mustard TV – one of the new local TV channels in the UK. Based in Norwich and broadcasting to the local Norfolk TV region, Mustard was awarded a local TV licence in September 2012, and started broadcasting on Freeview, channel 8 on March 24th 2014. Mustard TV Ltd is the broadcasting division of Archant (of which Jeremiah Colman, of Colman’s Mustard fame, was one of the original founders).

I built 3 bespoke virtual sets in all, and this is the first of them which they are using for their News programme. The studio was built in Cinema 4D Studio and as supplied as a ‘TriCaster-ready’ layered Photoshop file which they imported into TriCaster VSE and is now running daily on their TriCaster 8000.

They were a nice bunch of people to work with and I wish them all the best of luck with the channel. I’m also very grateful to Chris from NewTek for taking the time to guide me through the TriCaster side of things .

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Year in Review Sport : Virtual Studio Set

Recently completed a virtual set for another Setanta Sports show – this time a series of programmes looking back on the year in Sport. Based on, and using elements from Sean Hunt’s lovely title sequence.
Year in Review : Sport (Virtual Studio)

Year in Review : Sport (Virtual Studio)

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Champions League Virtual Studio Set

Last night saw the first outing of my latest virtual studio set for Setanta Sports. It’s once again based on the ‘white’ set I built for the Premier league and GAA programmes, but tweaked slightly to accommodate Setanta’s swanky new desk.
As usual it is rendered in real-time with full camera tracking thanks to the awesome power of RT Software’s tOG 3D system.

UEFA Champions League Studio

UEFA Champions League Studio

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Euro 2012 Virtual Studio Set

By now, I hope, plenty of lucky viewers* will have seen my latest virtual studio set in action for Euro 2012. It’s for Setanta Sports and as usual is running on Setanta’s tOG system from RT Software

Euro 2012 Virtual Studio

Euro 2012 Virtual Studio

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Monday, February 6th, 2012

Virtual Studio Sets (Setanta 2012)

Saturday saw the launch of two new virtual studios for Setanta Sports. They are the latest in a number of planned new looks rolling out this year – both are based around a single new VR set with a backdrop of seamless virtual screens. I’ll probably do a separate post outlining some of the design process – which might be quite interesting as I now have a much more accurate way of determining what section of the virtual screen appears behind each camera shot. I have also built a single After Effects project that automatically outputs a combination of five HD and SD seamlessly looping animations for the screens as well as a number of special texture maps for various surfaces of the surrounding 3D model.

Premier League Studio

Here’s the new set for the Premier League. The imagery features a couple of super-hi-resolution 3D renders of the premier league trophy (kindly supplied by David Phelan at Mode Vision Ltd), mixed with a load of additional layers to provide a little gentle (and seamlessly looping) animation. And finally lens flare effects using Video Copilot’s Optical Flares plug-in of course.

Premier League Virtual Studio Set


GAA Allianz Leagues Studio

And here’s the new GAA set.

GAA Virtual Studio Set

It uses the same 3D studio model as the studio above, but with a new set of animating screens inspired by stadium floodlights (which figure prominently in the title sequence). I built an HD looping crowd animation and used it to fill up a high-resolution daytime (empty) stadium shot, before giving the whole thing a dusky twilight feel, replacing the original sky with one taken from outside my studio in Leitrim. And finally, of course, plenty of optical flares.

Once again, the screens and additional textures have all been built within, and output from, one mighty After Effects project.


Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Title music for iTalkSport

I just remembered something about the Setanta Sports show iTalkSport. I must have been too busy in the previous post writing about the new virtual studio set that I forgot to mention that I also did the theme tune.

You can hear this, and more examples of my theme music here: