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wordle.net – typographic art?

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I’ve been playing around with wordles and made a wordle based on my blog today.

mikeafford.com/blog :: wordle #1

mikeafford.com/blog :: wordle #1

Wordle.net is a fun way of wasting a few minutes – just a big tag cloud really – but using all the words it finds in your feed. Plenty of font, colour and layout choices.

I’m pleased to see ‘graphics’ in nice big letters naturally enough, but just a bit disappointed that ‘smoothing’ came out so big – so I guess my post on Font Smoothing may have been a bit repetitive…

I discovered wordle.net after seeing a comparison of¬† words in Bush and Obama’s inaugural speeches (and other Presidents).

There’s something very pleasing about seeing words laid out like that. It reminds me of a project I did on my Foundation Course (many) years ago. The only difference back then was we had to cut all the words out of magazines, trace them on to an A2 sheet of tracing paper, rub the tracing down on to a pre-stretched sheet of cartridge paper mounted on board, and finally paint the whole f**king thing using guache over the course of several mind-numbing days.

God bless wordle.net


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