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This set is the 'static' version. For the animated version click here.

Weather Icon Set   RE-02

realistic weather iconsRealistic clouds and weather
92 icon set. PNG format.

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Price : €20

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92 realistic weather icons in a TV graphics style

Royalty free for personal and commercial use

Designed by former BBC Weather Centre Graphic Designer Mike Afford originally as an alternative for those wanting to use the old BBC outlook icons without the worry of potential copyright infringement. This set has now been completely rebuilt to include a complete range of weather conditions to complement all major weather data suppliers.

realistic weather icons

Completely re-designed from scratch, but still featuring real Irish clouds throughout (the original BBC weather icons use British clouds!) this 'realistic' weather pack has recently been extended to 92 icons.

New additions include 'hot', 'cold', 'windy', thunderstorms with snow, and hail, tornado, smoke, dust/sand, volcanic ash, and many many more (full list below). You can also re-map these icons to match the World Weather Online weather condition codes and many other data suppliers (See 'Weather Condition Codes' on the right).

realistic weather icons

In this pack you get a single zipped file containing the complete set of weather icons as individual lossless PNG images, each at 128x128 pixels. Also included is a single Photoshop file with each icon as a separate named layer which makes it easier to resize the entire set in one go to suit your own requirements.

NOTE: The set on this page consists of static (non-animating) icons, and replaces the old RE-01 icon set. A completely new animated version (Weather Icon Set RE-03) is also available.

Weather Icon Set RE-02 : Product details

Formats : PNG (92 icons), Photoshop .psd (1 file with each icon as a separate layer)

Background : opaque

Dimensions : 128x128 pixels

Weather icons: 1. sunny, 2. sunny intervals, 3. white cloud, 4. black low cloud, 5. hazy sun, 6. mist, 7. fog, 8. clear sky (night), 9. light rain showers, 10. heavy rain showers, 11. light snow showers, 12. heavy snow showers, 13. sleet showers, 14. light hail showers, 15. heavy hail showers, 16. thundery showers, 17. cloudy with light rain, 18. cloudy with heavy rain, 19. cloudy with light snow, 20. cloudy with heavy snow, 21. cloudy with sleet, 22. cloudy with light hail, 23. cloudy with heavy hail, 24. thunderstorms, 25. light rain showers (night), 26. heavy rain showers (night), 27. light snow showers (night), 28. heavy snow showers (night), 29. sleet showers (night), 30. light hail showers (night), 31. heavy hail showers (night), 32. thundery showers (night), 33. cloudy with light rain (night), 34. cloudy with heavy rain (night), 35. cloudy with light snow (night), 36. cloudy with heavy snow (night), 37. cloudy with sleet (night), 38. cloudy with light hail (night), 39. cloudy with heavy hail (night), 40. thunderstorms (night), 41. partly cloudy (night), 42. cloudy (night), 43. mostly cloudy, 44. mostly cloudy (night), 45. hot, 46. cold, 47. freezing fog, 48. drizzle, 49. freezing drizzle, 50. freezing rain, 51. extreme rain, 52. extreme snow, 53. blowing snow, 54. blizzard, 55. smoke, 56. dust / sand, 57. thundery snow showers, 58. thunderstorms with snow, 59. thunderstorms with hail, 60. windy, 61. hot (night), 62. cold (night), 63. mist (night), 64. fog (night), 65. freezing fog (night), 66. drizzle (night), 67. freezing drizzle (night), 68. freezing rain (night), 69. extreme rain (night), 70. extreme snow (night), 71. blowing snow (night), 72. blizzard (night), 73. smoke (night), 74. dust / sand (night), 75. thundery snow showers (night), 76. thunderstorms with snow (night), 77. thunderstorms with hail (night), 78. windy (night), 79. tornado, 80. tropical storm / hurricane, 81. heavy drizzle, 82. heavy drizzle (night), 83. heavy freezing drizzle, 84. heavy freezing drizzle (night), 85. extreme rain showers, 86. extreme rain showers (night), 87. heavy sleet showers, 88. heavy sleet showers (night), 89. heavy sleet, 90. heavy sleet (night), 91. volcanic ash, 999. null/unknown

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