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New TriCaster Virtual Studio

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Here’s a sneak preview of the latest virtual studio set (Studio 2 – original name, I know!) that’s about to appear over at virtualstudiosets.com.

virtual news studio

It’s a fully customizable semi-circular studio with drop zones for four sections of cyclorama and three optional screens on top. The set comes with a large desk and a smaller table, for news-style presentation or discussion formats. The desk and table can be hidden if required, allowing the set to be used with physical furniture or props.

You can replace the backdrop with any of your own images (16×9 format will work best) or try a pack of pre-made seamless backgrounds which are included with the Studio 2 multi-angle pack, that you can drop straight in, or customize however you like.

Here’s a few of the many many possibilities available, each made with the minimum of effort…!

You can get the virtual studio set here, or click either of the images below…

virtual nightly news studio

blue virtual studio set

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One Response to “New TriCaster Virtual Studio”

  1. udi Says:

    The Studio 2 strong made good impression on me and I want to buy it .
    but befor i buy the set I wanted to know if I can use transparent windows to lay videos according to my convenience or I marked limited locations of existing images

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