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Champions League Virtual Studio Set

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Last night saw the first outing of my latest virtual studio set for Setanta Sports. It’s once again based on the ‘white’ set I built for the Premier league and GAA programmes, but tweaked slightly to accommodate Setanta’s swanky new desk.
As usual it is rendered in real-time with full camera tracking thanks to the awesome power of RT Software’s tOG 3D system.

UEFA Champions League Studio

UEFA Champions League Studio

The curved backdrop is again rendered as 5 seamlessly looping movies (4 x HD and one SD). Twinkling cityscape lights created using Trapcode Particular. I also added a little movement to the floodlights (or at least those that appear in shot on close-ups).

I can’t take credit for the stadium and floodlights or any of the brand design for the Champions League itself – proper respect to Radiant for their ‘Ultimate Stage’ concept.

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