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Animated Weather Symbols

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Complete set of animating weather icons

Complete set of animating weather icons

UPDATE (July 2013) :

A number of icon sets at my store have been updated to include many more weather conditions and vectors as standard. Unfortunately the animated GIF set mentioned in this post has been discontinued.

ORIGINAL POST (July 2010):

You can now download a new set of our popular Weather Symbols as animated GIFs.

40 original weather icons at 4 different sizes, ideal for websites and iPhone / iPad apps.

There are now 3 different formats available – PNG with solid backgrounds, PNG with transparent backgrounds, and this new set of animated GIFs.

The animations have all been optimised to keep the file sizes low – but run at 25fps for nice smooth animations.

This new set of Weather Icons consists of 40 individual symbols. They match the original Set 1, but are animated GIFs, seamlessly looping over 2 or 3 seconds each.

Here’s a brief run-down of all forty symbols:

1. sunny, 2. sunny intervals, 3. white cloud, 4. black low cloud, 5. hazy sun, 6. mist, 7. fog, 8. clear sky (night), 9. light rain showers, 10. heavy rain showers, 11. light snow showers, 12. heavy snow showers, 13. sleet showers, 14. light hail showers, 15. heavy hail showers, 16. thundery showers, 17. cloudy with light rain, 18. cloudy with heavy rain, 19. cloudy with light snow, 20. cloudy with heavy snow, 21. cloudy with sleet, 22. cloudy with light hail, 23. cloudy with heavy hail, 24. thunderstorms, 25. light rain showers (night), 26. heavy rain showers (night), 27. light snow showers (night), 28. heavy snow showers (night), 29. sleet showers (night), 30. light hail showers (night), 31. heavy hail showers (night), 32. thundery showers (night), 33. cloudy with light rain (night), 34. cloudy with heavy rain (night), 35. cloudy with light snow (night), 36. cloudy with heavy snow (night), 37. cloudy with sleet (night), 38. cloudy with light hail (night), 39. cloudy with heavy hail (night), 40. thunderstorms (night)

Example at 128 X 128 pixels – thundery showers (night):

animated weather symbol - example 2

Example at 100 X 100 pixels – heavy snow showers (day) :

animated weather symbol - example 3

Example at 64 X 64 pixels – cloudy with heavy rain (day) :

animated weather symbol - example 4

(NOTE – the images on this page are watermarked as examples, but the real ones aren’t!)

For a limited time, this new set of animated GIF weather icons is also available as part of a special pack (along with the first two sets) for an impressive 40% OFF (compared to the cost of purchasing separately).

These symbols are royalty free, and once bought and downloaded can be used freely for both personal and commercial projects. (For full terms and conditions, see the weather symbol download page).

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